Ucon Acrobatics, Sustainably produced, Bags BackpacksUcon Acrobatics, Sustainably produced, Bags Backpacks

Ucon Acrobatics

Berlin-based Ucon Acrobatics combines creative design with sustainability, championing durable products with timeless silhouettes over fleeting trends. Their motto, “minimal design, minimal emission”, signifies that quality needn't compromise human, animal, or environmental well-being. Ucon Acrobatics uses upcycling techniques to obtain materials from textile waste and produce polyester from recycled PET bottles, continually advancing their aim for circular textile production and reduced carbon footprints.

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Material Features


The Lotus Series is the epitome of nature inspired purity. The outer surface is manufactured from rubberized, phthalate-free PU. On the inside a soft fleece makes sure that all your belongings will be protected from scratches. The gummed and matt finish gives the series a very modern-tech and contemporary look.

Lotus Infinity

Unique in its performance when it comes to functionality, durability and aesthetic beauty. The 'PUrTEX∞' is a progressive material – resource-saving, easy-care and water-resistant. A new leather alternative made from recycled textiles, finished with a coating of extremely abrasion-resistant and solvent-free polyurethane.

Phantom - Reflective

The Phantom Series is the next generation of minimal aesthetic backpacks for urban outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists. It will keep its matte-decent finish during the day but at night, it will become highly reflective. Thanks to our custom material ECO-RFLX-900, microscopic glass beads will send back light to its source providing an extra safety feature while biking or walking. 

Bauhaus Collaboration

The elementary core of the The Bauhaus / Ucon Acrobatics Collaboration is an innovative material. Cork from Portugal is cut into thin layers and then fixed to a silver waterproof film. In the final step, blue paint is applied to the cork surface using a rubber roller. The unique structure of cork, with its jagged textures, allows for a unique artistic composition.