Ucon Acrobatics

Berlin-based Ucon Acrobatics combines creative design with sustainability, championing durable products with timeless silhouettes over fleeting trends. Their motto, “minimal design, minimal emission”, signifies that quality needn't compromise human, animal, or environmental well-being. Ucon Acrobatics uses upcycling techniques to obtain materials from textile waste and produce polyester from recycled PET bottles, continually advancing their aim for circular textile production and reduced carbon footprints.

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Jona Medium Bag
Sale price$59.00
Masao Mini Backpack
Sale price$99.00
Eliza Bag
Sale price$74.00
Kito Mini Backpack
Sale price$129.00
Alison Mini Backpack
Sale price$109.00
Alison Medium - Lotus
Sale price$119.00
Hajo Macro Backpack
Sale priceFrom $109.00
Hajo Mini Backpack
Sale priceFrom $119.00
Hajo Medium Backpack
Sale priceFrom $129.00
Jasper Mini Backpack
Sale priceFrom $119.00
Jasper Medium Backpack
Sale priceFrom $129.00
Niklas Backpack
Sale price$189.00